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Hey friends! Welcome to Kristen Sarah K!

For all the people who have asked me “Where should I eat dinner tonight” thank you for inspiring me to finally do this blog! I can’t wait to show off the amazing city of Denver and state of Colorado. I want this website to highlight the things most important to me, which include food, drinks and exploring new places!

I LOVE to cook, and while it is a passion, I am no professional, so the recipes I share will be accessible to the home chef. I LOVE to eat, so the restaurants I share will be a combination of old spots and new in the city of Denver and beyond! I LOVE to drink, so I want to share with you the best spots to grab a glass of wine and the yummiest recipes to make for every occasion. And lastly, I LOVE to travel. Not super into the travel part of travel...but once I get there I am one happy gal. I can't wait to share my experiences with you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Xx, Kristen